Monday, May 23, 2011

Daisy Scouts Baseball Outing

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As if the last day of school wasn't enough excitement for Miss A, her Daisy Girl Scout Troop went to a Minor League Baseball Game.

It was our first trip to the new stadium and, while it was Girl Scout Night at the Game, it was a smaller than normal crowd due to stormy weather most of the day. Thankfully, the clouds cleared and it was beautiful night to watch some ball.

Let's be honest and say that Miss A barely knew there was a game going on. She was more excited to spend the evening chatting with her friends, eating a pretzel, and hoping to catch a foul ball. I'm grateful that no balls flew that close to us to be in A's reach as I'm not sure she would have seen it coming!!

Miss A thought the Girl Scout Parade on the field was fun, but she was disappointed that she didn't' get to run the bases like she hoped. Next year, she'd love to spend the night on the field like her sister did last year. I'll take that into consideration, but that might be more outdoor sleeping than I allow myself in a single decade!

What a great way to kick off summer.

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