Monday, May 30, 2011

Fulfilling Dreams

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Miss M has been dreaming of going to a Taylor Swift concert for months and now that dream has been fulfilled! Saturday night was the big night. Miss M and P had an evening to remember. According to Miss M, it was her favorite birthday present ever and the best concert of her life.

Here are a few of Miss M's observations on the evening:

The line for t-shirts was really long. Had Miss M not had birthday money buring a hole in her pocket, she might have skipped the line (or convinced dad that she really, really needed one). However, she had her heart set on getting a t-shirt so, thankfully, Miss M and her Dad waited the line out. Red Taylor Swift Shirt ....check. Taylor Swift poster...check.

Having Club Level tickets means you have access to the Lounge and they have fancy drinks inside. Miss M loved her Wavebender. It was Fabulous.

She saw a girl from her softball team, a girl from school, and one of Miss A's friends. It was the social event of the season.

The line for a Covergirl Makeover was way too long. She got the free lipstick, but skipped the process. Miss M didn't need a makeover anyway!

Taylor Swift really rocked the show. She flew across the arena, she changed her clothes dozens of times, she sang tons of Miss M's favorite songs, and the backup singers and dancers put on a real show.

Miss M was in seventh heaven the entire show. She sang along to the songs, she screamed with all the other preteen girls, and gushed over Taylor's clothing and dancing. It was fabulous. Even dad thought it was a great show!

Not even the 1/2 hour waiting to leave the parking garage detered her enthusiasm. When Dad captured her sleeping on the way home, she quickly woke up and asked if he thought she'd been sleeping. According to her she was not sleeping, just resting!

Happy belated birthday, Miss M.

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