Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kindergarten Field Day: Finally!

Miss A and her Kindergarten buddies at Field Day/ All School Picnic

Yesterday was Field Day at the Elementary School and, before you conjure up in your mind thoughts of races and hurdles and ribbons for winners remember, we live in an age in which we are all "winners." Those field days when you ran the 1/2 mile and the 400 meter dash and finished either first, second, third or even last are long gone.

Nevertheless, Miss A was thrilled that it was finally Field Day for her. Just her. You see she's spent years in either a stroller watching her siblings compete in the events or she's heard the stories and seen the battle wounds of sore muscles and sunburn her brother/sister wore home after Field Day. Finally, it was her turn.

I love the fact that the school now combines Field Day with the All School Picnic. It's doubling exciting and it limits the number of days I have to fight the crowds to get a parking place within a mile of the school. Miss A's class had their picnic at 11:15 and then Field Day in the afternoon. I volunteered to help with both so I had the opportunity to sit on the blacktop and enjoy lunch with a bunch of adorable kindergarten girls and boys.

I'd packed a picnic lunch for both Miss A and myself because the school offerings of Grilled Hamburgers did not appeal to Miss A who has yet to have a hamburger cross her lips. Omaha Steaks, Scallops, Pork Chops are on her approved meal (meat) options, but not a good old fashioned American Hamburger. At first, A was worried that we'd be the only ones with homemade food, but when I told her the only other option, she was fine with PB sandwiches as long as there was a cookie involved.

Miss A told me that she was quite popular in the classroom later because she had sunscreen and was willing to share. Thank you Target Dollar Aisle for travel size sunscreens. Too bad I didn't use a little first, as today, I have a little bit of a sun kissed look on my face. I won't complain though as it's nice to see the sun.

My assignment at Field Day was the Jump Rope and Hula Hoop Station. Let me tell you there are very few K-2nd graders that can jump rope! Everyone loved the hula hoop game however, and it was fun to observe how much more willing the girls are from the boys to bend, move, and contort their bodies to get through the moving hula hoop. Miss A told me it was fun to have me at Field Day, but next year she'd like me to just follow her around and hold her water bottle.

Guess the pampered princess thought it was a pain to carry a water bottle around for herself. Plus, I missed seeing her "win" every event and how fabulous her Team 4 was at everything. Maybe this is why we no longer give out ribbons at Field Day events. If everyone is "winning" everything, it would be a very long awards ceremony.

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