Saturday, May 28, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard Lately: Summer Edition

We've survived the first week of summer vacation. Considering that the pool is not yet open, most of our neighborhood friends were still in school and the mother has been crazy busy with VBS registrations, it is an accomplish to have gotten this far.

Of course, in the midst trying to get our summer grove on, we've had plenty of laughs.

Every morning Miss A asks me the same question, "Is it warm enough for a tank top?" She is convinced that summer and sleeveless go together. My answer every day has been "not yet" and, when you consider that on Thursday if was only 58 degrees, I think she realized I was right.

Miss M and Miss M have been having sister sleepovers in Miss M's room almost every night. They have their sister time, watch movies and read books before they go to bed, and then when they get up too early in the morning, the party continues. Mr. C asked Miss M why she keeps hanging with Miss A. I loved Miss M's response "well we are sisters and it's the same price to sleep in two rooms or just one."

Hard to beat that logic.

I took Miss M, Miss A and a friend to see Gnomeo and Juliet this week, and while I'll admit it wasn't my favorite kid movie I've seen lately, it was fun. I espcially liked watching Miss A, Miss M and Miss A's friend giggling, holding hands and belly laughing over the funny parts. Really is there anything better than watching kids have a blast?

On a family walk last night, the laughs were aplenty. First don't get the idea that we are the "Mayberry clan" whistling as we walk to pond to fish, we had two tired parents, two scooter riding girls and a son who was wishing he had other plans. However, we were having a family outing so that counts for something.

Miss A wanted to bring water bottles for everyone on the walk. However, her carrying case on the scooter only held one so she took care of herself first. Along the walk, she stopped a few times to get a drink. Mr. C commented that he was happy Miss A was "keeping herself hydrated on this really loooong walk." Just call him Mr. Sarcasm.

Ah........ Summer. Stay tune for further adventures.

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