Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

It's the final week of school which leads to happy children, stressed out mothers, and lots of laughs. Too many things to accomplish, too little time also means its good to take time out to laugh at some of the things my kids have done and said over the past few weeks.

Miss A has shocked me in the past few days with her reference to "adult party games." In pure innocence, she's suggested that a friend play Truth or Dare and she's asked if there would be Spin the Bottle at a birthday party she attended.

Guess she and her friend B were trying to convince B's twin brother to choose Truth or Dare. The dare was the S (B's brother) would need to wear flip flops with fabric ties on them to school. B and A thought this was the funniest thing ever, the thought that Mr. S would be wearing "girly" flip flops with flowers on them to Kindergarten had them rolling with laughter. Sadly, Mr. S and Miss B's mother put the kibosh on the "dare."

Miss A has attended four birthday parties in the past month; all for her little kindergarten friends. She's had a blast swimming, jumping in a bouncer, and playing games and eating pizza. Last Saturday, she was invited to a party at a friends house that promised lunch and party games galore. Miss A inquired if they would be playing Spin the Bottle. I about lost it, until she said that she loves games like that with a lot of action (No, not that type of action)! You spin the bottle round and round until it's your turn to do something crazy.

Thankfully, there were no boys invited to the party!

It's Mr. C's last week of Middle School. Hard to believe that he'll say goodbye to the school and a bunch of kids he's known since kindergarten. I'm not ready to think of next fall yet. This week the yearbooks came out and they were having a yearbook signing party for all of 8th grade. Mr C was trying to come up with some catchy phrases to use so we googled to find something that might fit his personality. Mr C especially liked the idea of writing;" School is a lot like a sucker it sucks until it's done."

Thankfully, he choose to write the less offensive "Stay off drugs" and "Have a great summer." I'd hate for him to get kicked out the final few days.

Miss M told me that she'd like to take cold lunch the rest of the school year if possible. She said the she no longer recognized the meat in the cafeteria and that it seemed like they were digging into last month's leftovers for food. I was more than willing to help her make her lunch and provide all the fixings, however I told her that I had one request, I can not touch Roast Beef. If she wanted Roast Beef, she'd have to make it herself, especially if she chose to make it the morning.

Miss M asked what my deal was with Roast Beef, did I have a bad experience with it once, was it a leftover bad experience from childhood? I said I just don't like it. Oh, she said it's kinda like how I feel about all green vegetables? It's disgusting to you isn't it?

Well sorta. But don't expect me to let you out of eating veggies Miss M, I'm the mom and that's my pleasure to cause you "bad experiences" from childhood with broccoli and peas!

Finally, I must tell on myself. Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn, listening to praise music on Mr C's Ipod and just trying to get this yucky job over with, when out from behind the air conditioner ran "something" right in front of my feet. I jumped, screamed and started running from the mower. My poor neighbor who just had a heart attack this winter came running to my rescue. My backdoor neighbor looked at me as if I was crazy.

I was certain it was rodent, but lo and behold it was just a small baby bunny hopping across the yard.

In my defense, I'm petrified of rodents. Rabbits look a lot like a rodent.

When the air conditioner service man came a few hours later for our yearly checkup, I told him he owed me for saving his life from a rabbit. Just think if he had walked back to the air conditioner and found a little bunny there waiting to attack.

Can't wait till I teach Mr. C how to mow the lawn this summer!

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