Sunday, May 8, 2011

Miss M is Eleven

Miss M had to share her birthday this year with Mother's Day and, while earlier in the week she was a tad concerned that this would mean she'd be second fiddle, she realized we had no intentions of ignoring this monumental day.

Eleven does not seem possible. It really was just yesterday that we brought our baby girl home from the hospital and our house was taken over with pink. Poor Mr. C had never seen so much pink in his life. I remember him asking if all sisters had to wear pink and why did everything have fruit, or bows or flowers all over it. Miss M was a delightful baby and fit so well in our family. Her blond hair and abundant curls had everyone smitten.

I marvel how that little girl is becoming more and more a young lady every day.

Miss M was thrilled with her gifts; clothes, pj's, gift cards, art supplies and even meaningful gifts that her siblings had picked out just for her. Her loudest screams and utter shock came, however, when she opened a package and found a Taylor Swift CD inside and a note saying she can take either mom or dad along on a date to the Taylor Swift concert coming to town soon!! She'd been begging for weeks and we kept saying how sad we were that it was sold out. Little did she know that thanks to dad's office, we had tickets in hand. Yeah Dad!

Birthday festivities included lunch with the cousins and Nana and Papa (there are some perks to a Mother's Day birthday) and then dinner out with the family. Mom and Miss A compromised on Qdoba and, while we all enjoyed it, the verdict is still out on whether we heard Mr. C breath while eating or if he just inhaled the food!! Gotta love teenage brothers.

Happy Birthday to our favorite eleven year old. Love the young lady you are becoming.

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