Monday, May 9, 2011

Horns and Huskers No More

The rivarly is offically over. My alma mater will not be playing my husbands team any longer. Nebraska is leaving the Big 12 and the Longhorns will no longer be on our schedule, so after almost fifteen years, we won't be fighting during football season.

To celebrate the end of an era, our whole family went to the NU/Texas baseball game on Friday night. It was a big event and one of the most challenging aspect was deciding which t-shirt the kids would wear to the game. Would they make dad happy or mom? Let's just say that my favorite child is now Miss A.

It was a perfect night for baseball. We tailgated before the game with KFC in honor of Grammy whose 99th birthday would have been the day before. It was a great way to honor her memory as it's a meal we often shared with her during our visits. Of course, we ran into many Longhorn fans who had journeyed up from Texas one last time.

We had perfect seats, behind the Texas dugout and even got to see the leading pitcher in the bullpin with pro scouts snapping pictures. Of course, I was cheering for the Huskers in the midst of Longhorn fans. Sadly, there was little cheering on my part as the Longhorns outplayed us.

Mr. C was totally in his element and he and Dad watched every play on the field while the girls and I "played" on the playground. Miss A did tell me that it was her favorite day ever, but I'm not sure if maybe the snacks had something to do with the fun. Miss M said it was fun to be a part of History, and loved watching the crowd. Of course, she was wearing burnt orange too so I didn't really trust her opinion!

To cap off a perfect evening, every child slept on the long car ride home! There is nothing like a quiet car ride with sleeping children and a happy husband!! Guess this means that I'll be cheering for the Longhorns come fall, and P will be wearing Red on Fridays to work.

Let's not get carried away!

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