Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Will "They" Think of Next? This Mother's Outrage over A&F Bikini

Just when I thought I had seen it al,l Abercrombie and Fitch comes out with the Push Up Bikini for seven year olds. Shut the Front Door! . I can't even grasp what "they" were thinking when they introduced this line. Walking through the aisles at most major department stores/big box stores, I'm shocked enough with what they are expecting my girls to wear in public, but this takes the cake. Do we want eight year old hooters girls?

Where are the mothers in outrage? I hear a few of them now, but did it really take a bikini from A&F to get us started. Have you seen the underwear aisle at Target? Have you looked at the length of the skirts at Justice? Have you walked in a Walgreen and seen the makeup directly marketed at tween girls? Why does it take something this outside the box to get us all fussed up about the over sexulation of our girls. It's been happening for years. Now the powers that be have just decided to go after even younger girls.

As the mother of two girls, I'm outraged. Not at A&F, but at myself and million of mothers who have allowed it to get this far out of hand. We've sat by and allowed stores, marketers, and designers to turn our sweet little girls into little pussy cat dolls. We've let our girls think that outside beauty is the most coveted treasure. We've prostituted their virtue and inward beauty for the latest craze. To be part of the "in crowd," we've told them it's OK to wear clothing that shows off your best assets! Baloney!

As the mother of fourteen year old son, I'm embarrassed for what his eyes have to witness every day when he walks in his junior high hallway. If I wasn't convinced that sending him to an all boys high school was already a great idea, I'm even more sure now. I know that I can't shelter him from temptation and I'm not looking for girls who wear petticoats and long dresses with bonnets, but come on people.

Two great friends of mine, who are mother of boys now in college, once told me that they wished they could have rung the necks of mother's of girls and told them to watch what they allowed their daughters to wear to school, dances, dance recitals, and cheer leading. They told me they've told their sons what they expect as far as boundaries and respect for girls, but please don't shove the "sexual" side of women in their face and expect them not to notice.

I'm not an expert on this topic, but I am a mother of two girls and a boy and I realize that something needs to be done, someone needs to stand up and say ENOUGH! We've given the Devil too much power over fashion and our bodies. He's winning the battle for our children's minds. The world is telling them that it's OK to dress sexy, to flaunt what your mother gave you, and to do whatever feels right.

Let's say no. Here are two articles on this same subject from women with more eloquence and and wisdom than me: Vicki Courtney and Katerine Jean Lopez of the National Review.

If you are interested in hearing Vicki Courtney, her You and Your Girl Simulcast is happening on Saturday April 9th at locations all over the country. My church is hosting a simulcast event so if you'd like to come to this free event let me know and I'll hook you up with the details.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. It is extremely frustrating all the way around this issue. I sure wish the 'pendulum' would swing the other way - because if it goes any further this way - they won't be clothed at all! I'll be out of town on April 9th - but look forward to talking to you about it! Thanks a bunch! Love, Kath