Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Same Song Second Verse Just Not As Fun as the First

It's a new week and a new illness for poor Miss A. A double ear infection, a sinus infection, and a ruptured ear drum. According to the doctor, Miss A's ears look horrid, pussey, and very painful. Our great pediatrician put an arm around A while he was looking in her ear and removing some of the gunk inside. Tears were rolling down her face and he told her that he was sorry, but he was trying to help her feel better.

Over the past six years of Miss A's life, she's had more than her fair share of illness. In fact, my husband has often called her our "health care expense child." She's our only child to have surgery and she's had it twice. She's had pneumonia six times, mononucleosis, and in the course of one short year had tonsillitis seven times.

For the past several days, Miss A has been complaining of headaches. She's woken up from a deep sleep on four nights crying in pain telling us that her head hurts and that she needs medicine to relieve the pain. At the same time, she's gone to school, played barbies, and perfected her roller skating skill at the roller rink.

In my mind, I went to a dark place; worried that a six year old with headaches and no other symptoms must have something wrong with her; something bad. I debated calling the doctor, but decided I had to get to the bottom of the problem. When the nurse got me in right away, I knew she was concerned too.

I'm grateful that my worst fears were not realized and that Miss A only has a really bad infection. In a few days, with the help of an antibiotic, she'll be as good as new. God is good.

But I'm bummed for her too. She cried tonight. She'll be missing school again tomorrow. Her infection finally has caused her to run a fever. With two days off later this week, we have plans, and she's brokenhearted to think she might miss them. I told her I thought by Friday she'll be fine, but I can't guarantee.

Miss A is one of the sweetest, happiest and funniest little girls I know. While I'm biased, I know that in her situation she could be cranky or bitter. The doctor today told A that she's a brave, strong little girl. He wasn't surprised she was in so much pain and couldn't believe how well she carried on with a ruptured ear drum and a head full of 'gunk."

I agree. Miss A is really a hero in my book.

Now if you could all just pray that her right ear heals and the infection goes away with this medicine, I'd be grateful. If you could pray that our plans for this Friday can go on, I know she'd be grateful too.


Bretsen said...

My dear little Miss A,

Please know that all of us in Wheaton are praying for you! Get well quick, quick, quick! We love you!! Aunt Cindy

Anonymous said...

Ohhh poor thing - please let her know the Russell family is praying for her and hoping for a complete recovery. Love, Jim, Kathleen, Emma and Bridget