Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break: The Outtakes

We've had a fun spring break thus far and tomorrow the grandparents arrive for a few days so in reality it's only just beginning. Trying to plan "fun" when the weather is questionable, most of our neighbors are in school and that I'm not willing to do something every minute of the day can be challenging.

Of course in our family, this much togetherness also means we've had plenty of funny moments.

On Monday, the girls went to see Yogi Bear while Mr. C was playing golf with buddies. The movie was at the "cheap seats" theater which meant we spent more on the popcorn and bottle of water than the seats. When Miss A accidentally dropped the water bottle and lost it among the seats ( I wasn't really willing to go searching in the dark), she looked like she might cry for a moment. Then she realized that this loss would save us a trip to the potty during the movie!

Tuesday, I was hoodwinked into going bowling. Again. Miss A was talking smack all weekend about beating her mom at the bowling alley. Never did I consider bringing up "skating" and how I can smoke every single kid in our family. Well, maybe once.

At the Bowling Alley, I quickly requested that the bumpers be up for all of us, just to make it fair. I still lost. Miss A and Mr. C smoked Miss M and I and somehow Miss A's little friends beat me too. I did, however, get a strike, or a stroke. Let's just say when I told one of the other mothers' that I believed in playing bowling with golf rules, lowest score wins she almost lost her lunch!!

On the way home, Miss A said this was the best spring break ever, everyday was like a Saturday. Miss M quickly pointed out that it wasn't a Saturday as Dad was still at work. Then in her worst move, she said that everyday was Saturday for Mom since she doesn't have a job. Yeah that's the life of the stay at home mom, every day is a Saturday.

I'm thinking that means I can sleep in next week and not get up for that silly before school routine. No more laundry, no more dusting or running errand. Just fun. Relax.

To pay M back for the slide, I made her get her hair cut today. Bye bye three inches. Miss A got even more cut off, but she's too young to know what "inches" mean. She's now rocking a cute spring bob. Hey, every day can't be all fun.

Just kidding. Sorta.

Stay tuned I'm sure the fun and laughs are just starting, it's only Wednesday. Or Saturday. It's just a matter of perspective.

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