Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday Take One

March is Birthday Month in our family and this week is the culmination of it all. Both P and Mr. C' celebrate birthdays over the next few days. St. Patrick's Day is my Norwegian Husband's birthday, ironic I know, and no his name is not Patrick.

It really was a perfect day, if I say so myself. We had a nice lunch out sans children (who were at school) at the Cheesecake Factory. I must say though their "lunch size" salad is HUGE. I can't imagine how you are suppose to eat the whole thing or what their regular size salad must look like. I'm thinking it could feed a small African village.

But the celebration was only just beginning; dinner was his favorite meal of all times; Pioneer Women's Marlboro Man Sandwich with homemade Yukon Gold Baked French Fries. We even ate in the dinning room with our fabulous festive table runner, fruit punch in wine glasses for the kids and, of course, Trader Joe's' finest Chardonnay for the adults.

Then, it was gift time and, while we didn't have a theme for the party, it appears one happened anywa. We call it Texas Baseball with a side of Ronald Reagan. Let's just say when we go to the Texas/NU baseball game this May, he'll be well prepared. Plus, he now has his favorite President in both bobble head form and in a cool pullover.

Finally, it was Red Mango for a Birthday treat. It was perfect and yummy, but I'll admit I struggle to think of a birthday without butter cream frosting!

At the end of the day, it was a great celebration of the best husband and father ever! Happy Birthday honey.

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