Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Been One of "Those" Weeks

Photos: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Miss M's Modest Heeled Shoes, Miss A on PJ Day, Miss A on Crazy Day, Miss A's self portrait, Miss A's favorite thing about Snow Days.

Last week was crazy busy. My daily to do list looked like a military operation check list. The laundry piled up, the cupboards were empty, and we were down to our last banana. Thankfully, Miss A was willing to have cheese and crackers for lunch one day instead of her standard PB&J sandwich; we had no bread.

It was as my husband told our children not a week to expect too much "extra" help from mom. You see it was teacher appreciation week and as chair of thePTA hospitality committee, it was my job to organize and carry out our plans for "Hollywood Week Where Our Teacher's are Stars." I say that not to toot my own horn or complain in any way because it really is a blessing to be at our elementary school. I love the teachers and staff, have been blessed with some great friends, and my kids have really blossomed in that building, but it's a big job to pull it off.

Plus, it was Read Across America Week for Dr. Seuss's birthday meaning that every day was a "special day" for the kids tto. Miss A had to wear something extra special or crazy to celebrate. Tuesday was Crazy Day so Miss A wore mismatched clothing, two different boots, and wacky hair. Thursday was pajama day, and when Miss A got up in the morning, she was thrilled to change out of her nightgown into a set of fresh pj's! Friday was "Green Day" in honor of Green Eggs and Ham so A wore her favorite green shirt. I told her atleast now we have an idea of something to wear for St. Patrick Day !

Add to the mix a ton of homework projects coming due this week for Mr. C, and the metro science fair ,plus freshman registration night at the high school and civil war night at the junior high and you have a "crazy week."

By Friday night, I was ready to crash, but had promised Miss M that we would have a date night while Miss A was at a birthday party. Miss M needed dressy shoes for First Communion and she was a girl on a mission to find just the right pair. Let's just say that I was so tired I would have said yes to any pair and at one time got so desperate that I sent my husband a text with a photo of two shoes and asked him to choose.

Miss M was thrilled that he picked her favorite. I was shocked as it was the pricey pair. According to Miss M, it was perfect as it was a "modest heel" and really showed off her outfit.

The joy of a hectic, crazy, busy week is that you feel like you really accomplished a lot. When I feel asleep Friday night (on the couch watching TV), it was a good sleep, an exhausted sleep.

I'm calling this new week: Recovery Week.

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