Friday, March 11, 2011

I Love the Silence Too...

I've lost my voice. I knew that it was coming on for a few days. It was raspy, itchy, and the back of my throat was covered with gunk. I love spring.

Every March, this happens. It's a combination of a busy few days working on volunteerAdd Imager projects, the wind that blows, and a sick child who makes it difficult for me to sleep through the night. The holy grail of sinus/allergy sufferers.

There is joy in the silence. On Thursday, when Miss A was feeling better (thanks to the drugs), we ran a few errands and even had a date at Panera. It was fun to sit with Miss A and just listen. She has much to say and, often as the third child in the family, she gets lost in the mix.

When we went to exchange some drapery rods and I was struggling to understand/talk about what I needed, when the lady got a little frustrated with me. Miss A quickly came to my defense saying, "my mom normally talks a lot better, she's sorry." She was right, but I don't normally talk curtains and I'm thinking that is a language all it's own!

Living in silence has also meant that I've spent more time to think before I speak. When you are scratching out just a few words, they have to count for something.

I'm not sure I'd enjoy going through life with no voice. But I'm glad I had the opportunity to live a few days in the world of silence.

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