Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break : The End


Spring Break was starting to feel a little bit like Winter Break, what with the SNOW and all! Really. Snow in late March. Now, I'll admit it was the pretty kind that only stuck to the grassy surfaces, but it was still snow. Thankfully, we had Bestemor and Bestefar to help us get over the chill in the air and add a little sunshine to our day.

I even tried making a cake to celebrate the March Birthdays and added strawberries to make it more "springy." Of course after I frosted it, I realized anew why my friends don't let me bring the cake to celebrations. Baking is not my thing.

Mr. C was thrilled to stretch his birthday out a few extra days, and the "vat" of ligonberries he got as a present will hopefully last for awhile. We hope, but are not optimistic. Of course, we put the grandparents to work hanging new draperies and entertaining stir crazy spring break children, but we tried to pay them back with a trip to the Art Museum and lunch at a local Tex Mex Restaurant. The girls even found a cute little gift shop (that I'll be going back to solo) and we all fell in love with some adorable home decor items. Miss A would have really liked me to buy her a $225 purse. It was of course 1/2 off so how could I say no? NO.

While our Spring Break might not have included a trip to sandy beach or even days of sunshine, we had a nice relaxing break from reality. We didn't even mind a trip to the Pediatrician to recheck A's ears since we got a great report. Of course, we are not going to talk about Miss M's first ever strep throat found on that same day, no we are going to just thank Jonas Salk for some great drugs!

Sunday night tears means you've have a great break and visit, at least that's what we told Miss A as she shed tear after tear about B & B leaving. Now, she's just waiting for Nana and Papa to come back to town this week after a long absence and hope they bring a little sunshine and warm temps with them!

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