Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Take Two: Thai Style

Mr C is Fourteen! How can this be? I can vividly remember bringing him home from the hospital in our green little Mazda 626, sitting in the backseat to make sure he wasn't nervous. Getting home and wondering what the heck we were suppose to do with this little guy. Thinking that some "real" parents would show up soon to take him home. We might not have been the youngest parents, but we were green behind the ears.

How Mr. C has survived with us as parents is beyond me!! To think that the little boy who used to love Thomas the Trains and organizing his hot wheels by type and color is now almost a high school freshman. I still find that utterly amazing. Those people who say time just flies by, they aren't lying.

To celebrate, Mr. C wanted to try some "new" ethnic food, and while he really wanted Sushi, we talked him into Thai food. A little more family friendly. We tried the new "Mai Thai" and were very impressed with this little family run restaurant. The food was fresh and the cute flower on the plate was adorable. The fact that you can pick your "heat" really helped. We loved it.

Mr C is taking a few friends to an Arena Football game in a few weeks so the celebration is really just beginning. Plus, today started spring break so he got to go golfing with friends. I think the fact that he had a new golf shirt, shorts and a track jacket to wear on the course probably helped his score.

I love the fact that Mr. C closes out our month of birthdays is a perfect capstone to our fun. Even if he didn't want birthday cake for his birthday! Although it did make me question for awhile if there might have been a mix up in the hospital.

What is it with my family not liking cake? Hurry up May, we need some buttercream.

Happy birthday favorite son, I think this is going to be a wild year. Love Ya.

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