Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Science Fair and Life Lessons

Mr C would tell you that he wasted an entire Saturday hanging out at our local botanical garden, at the metro science fair. In reality, it was an excellent opportunity to see a whole new world; the world of science and people who work their tails off to make fantastic boards, experiments that belong at MIT, and use of words that are not in our vocabulary.

While Mr C did not finish in the top three and is now not required to go to state competition, he did experience up close and personal the world of competition. Sometimes the lesson we learn when we don't win are more valuable than those we get when we are the best in the class. P has been telling Mr. C for months that when you complete on the "big stage" the pie gets a little smaller, the expectations are a little bit greater, and the challenge is to make yourself stand out a little bit harder.

Really, is there any better lesson to learn. Winning is wonderful. Being the best has its own glory, but sometimes it's just as important to be in the game. To see the action up close and be challenged the to be better the next time, even better.

We are proud of Mr. C for making it this far. For having the tenacity to be in the game and to realize that learning, growing and challenging yourself to do better is just as important as winning the medal.

One parent told us that the key is to make a project that appeals to the judges and the sponsors. The effect of cold on battery life would have been a great subject if the title sponsor was Duracell or Energizer. The fact that the sponsors of this event were Lockheed Martin and the Public Power District means we should have gone for a project on space or electricity!

How sad that even at a science fair you have to "play the game." Think maybe we should look into Robotics next year. Less room for influence from outside sources. A robot either works or it doesn't.

Great Job Mr. C.

PS: He looked great. "New" Dress shoes and a "fabulous" tie made him look really snazzy. Mr C thanks his fans for making this possible!

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