Monday, March 7, 2011

Miss M's Big Day

Photos: Lunch at Paradise, Pastors and Miss M being goofy, Fancy New Dress and of course the "Modest" Heels.

Miss M had her First Communion yesterday. Not only did she get to taste wine for the first time, she was also wearing "modest" heels for the occasion. After weeks of working through the Table of the Lord program and talking through what we believe communion means, she was ready. A few weeks ago as I drove her to dance, we had a long conversation about Heaven/Hell/Faith and I was blown away by how she is processing both her head and heart knowledge.

I told my husband that our conversation was so deep that I was wishing for a Bible and concordance to back up our discussion. She not only has a personal relationship with Jesus, she gets how important it is to be able to back your faith up with knowledge. Plus she has compassion and a heart for those who are not yet aware of God's remarkable gift.

M was more than ready for this step on her faith journey. She not only understands the significance of Christ's body and blood being shed for her salvation, she is able to articulate how grateful she is for this gift.

She was so excited walking up to the altar that she was actually shaking a little bit. Of course her brother's prompting not to drop the wine glass, to swallow the bread with the wine, and how to put the glass away in the basket probably had her all nervous. Poor girl, it's hard to have a big brother!

M said the wine "wasn't bad," but she not sure why we get so excited about Trader Joe's wine! Gotta love that girl.

To celebrate, we had lunch out at "Paradise" just like we did when Mr C had his first communion a few years ago. Miss M said it was a tradition and could you really pick a more aptly named place to celebrate?

Congratulations Miss M on this milestone in your faith walk. May this just be the beginning of a close relationship with Jesus and a deep "communion" with Him who loves you deeply.

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