Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Race Season 18 : We're Off

Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business. It's going to be a wild ride! We are having such a great time watching this new season of Amazing Race.

Favorite line thus far: Cowboy Jett when he saw that a challenge involved sailing said, "I'm from Oklahoma, I don't do water. I don't even take a bath." We were rolling on the floor.

For the first time ever, we drew names. The only exception was if you had teams from previous years you could draw with just those names. Miss A took this option and got one team from the past. For her other team, she went potluck. Poor Miss M was a little disappointed in her teams. She actually has two of her former teams; both of which she did not really care for, but you know she's won the most times so it's hard to have much sympathy for her!

Here's our teams for the season:

Miss A: Ron & Christina- the Pizza Place. A's very excited for this team
LaKisha & Jennifer - Red Mango Yogurt and Homemade Chicken Nuggets
( this is A's repeat team, we call them the basketball girls )

Miss M: Gary & Mallory-Jimmy's Egg. Miss M loves to eat breakfast out, so she's really psyched for this place.
Kent & Vyxsin- Texas Roadhouse Not really Kent and Vyxsin-like, but should be fun.

Mr. C: Jamie & Cara- Riverside Catfish Restaurant. This is a real dive, but a great place for fried catfish, hush puppies and watching the boaters on the river moon the quests-can it get better?
Jet & Cord (the Cowboys)-Thai Pepper Restaurant
Mr. C is really pulling for the Cowboys, they seem like such nice guys. Plus, C wants to eat food from Thailand as it sounds exotic. Hope he can take the heat!

P: Flightime & Big Easy-Big Mama's Soul food Restaurant . I told him this was stereotyping, but considering the kids had fried chicken and collard greens to celebrate Black History Month at school, I guess it's OK. (Plus the food is supposively awesome and we've talked about going there for a while)
Margie & Luke- Netties Mexican Cafe. This restaurant holds special memories as we used to take Grammy there for dinner. I remember one time when I was pregnant with Mr. C, I spent most of the time in the "restroom" losing my dinner. The food is according to Mr. Texas very authentic.

Jill: Zev & Justin- Stellas Hamburgers. My grandfather first introduced to me this dive of a hamburger joint when I was in college. He loved to go there and see the "fly boys" as he called the guys from the local air force base.
Mel & Mike- Cheesecake Factory. Who am I kidding? This group will be the first team eliminated.

I think this could be the best season of Amazing Race we've watched. The fact that we "know" these teams means that we have preset ideas about how they will do and what challenges they will be good at, but the reality is it's any one's race to win.

I've told Miss A that I think we are going to both be in the finale. A girl can dream can't she?

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