Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day! A List to Catch Up

I'm behind. I hate it.  This blog is suppose to be a record of our "life and times," but lately there has been too much life and too little time.  I have intentions of getting posts out on a timely basis, including ones on the Eagle Scout Ceremony that happened almost two weeks ago, the start of soccer and softball season for Miss A, and the fact that in a week we'll be a household of two teenagers.

I just need life to slow down a little.  So for now; until my calendar clears up a little I'll post a list of the top ten things floating through my head on this first day of May.

1.  My furnace and fireplace are currently on in my home.  It's May 1st.  Rumor has it that we might see snow tonight.  As confirmation, around town today I saw a snowplow.  Crazy weather we've been having. One day it's 85 degrees and the next it's freezing.  Try dressing your children for school.

2. It's very hard to send a child off to school one day in shorts and no coat, and the next day to convince them that pants and a coat are a necessity.  In the wise words of Miss A; "this Spring is a rip off!"

3.  Mr C has had two big golf tournaments in the past week (thank you Jesus for nice weather once in awhile) and we got to sit on Nana and Papa's back deck and watch his team on the 2nd hole.  The girls had Monday off school and they loved being golf spectators. They have mastered the "golf clap."

4.  Miss A has a sleepover this Friday with some of her fabulous friends.  It's a brave (or loony) mother who is hosting this crazy mix of giggly girls.  Mr C is spending the night at school as he has a golf tournament on Saturday out of town and leaves at 8:30.   Which leaves my husband and I along with Miss M for the evening. I'm thinking we will have a three person date to a nice restaurant to celebrate someone turning 13 next week.

5. I've decided that I spend more time in my car on average than I spend anywhere else.  On Friday, I spent nearly 5 hours driving to and from places and I never left town.  My neighbors are starting to wonder about my constant trips in and out of the garage.  Good thing I have my hidden stash of books, magazines and a money for Sonic Ice Tea stashed in the glove box.

6.  Miss A were going to try out a new Chic Fil A we'd seen advertised in town.  It was right in my driving path on Friday and would be perfect for lunch since she was out of school.  Only problem is that it's not a full fledged restaurant; no nuggets, no grilled sandwiches, no fries, no ice tea or lemonade.  Once we figured it out, we left.  Miss A and I both agreed that you can't go around pretending you are something you are not; this was no Chic Fil A.

7.  Miss M and Mr C have started playing some rounds of golf together.  On Saturday, they were playing an executive par 3 and par 4 course and Mr C nearly got an Eagle on a hole.

8.  Miss A and I had a mother daughter Saturday afternoon while the big kids were at golf and my husband was out of town so we built a fort in the family room, watched Wreck It Ralph and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Miss A said she's misses times like this, like she used to have when she was  a "little kid."

9. In the past few weeks, I've read over six books.  At first, I couldn't figure out where I'm finding the time, then I remembered #5. I'm spending a lot of my time in my car waiting on people.  Prime reading opportunity.

10.  I miss blogging regularly.  Looking back over the past few months, I know I've forgotten a lot of the funny moments in our family and since I'm documenting in past tense, I don't have them written down.  These kids are really funny, and while I'm complaining that the days are long, I know too that the years are short.  They really are slipping away.

Maybe May will be the month that I catch up on the personal side; where I spend more time blogging and capturing the moments.  A lot happens this month and I want to remember it all in the years ahead.  This is my last month of 2nd, 7th and 10th grader and these are precious moments.

Now to go back in time and catch this blog up a bit! Make sure to scroll back a few entries in the days ahead I really do have some fun memories to write down.

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