Sunday, May 19, 2013

Essay Win Gets Miss M One Step Ahead on College Trail.

Miss M won a State Essay Contest and a $1000 Scholarship for an Essay on "Why I Want to Go to College." She was chosen as the 2nd Place Winner from among 1500 entries and as a result was given a College Saving Bond.  Her essay talked about her desire to go to college and become a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and how her dream can best be achieved by attending College.  

We are so proud of Miss M and were thrilled with the State Treasurer's Office called on her birthday to inform her that she was the 2nd place winner.  What a great day to find out!  

As part of the award package, she was given tickets to a nearby Minor League Baseball Game and presented with her award on the field before the first pitch.  Amazingly, the tickets for a Sunday Afternoon in May were actually on a day that we had nothing our family calendar except for poor Mr C who needed to stay home and study for finals.  

To add to the festivities, it was also Mascot Day at the Ballpark and we got autographs from some pretty cool looking mascots and were able to give out a few hugs and high fives.  Both Miss M and Miss A were laughing at the Tyson Chicken Mascot who's floppy arms made it next to impossible to sign the autograph sheet and my dear husband found it hilarious to "mock" a Mascot from an opposing High School.  The Mascot was very friendly until he read my husband's hat which was from Mr C's school!

Moments before the game started, Miss M's name was announced over the intercom system in the stadium and she was handed her award from the Treasurer.  I tried to get a great picture from the front row, but the nasty "net" was in the way.  Guess that fans who sit there probably like the net though when there is a foul ball. 

Finally, it was time to "play some ball!"  Our seats were great and we were really enjoying the game and the snacks when the heavens opened up and the rain and thunder started.  We watched while the grounds crew laid out the tarp on the field and decided maybe we should seek some shelter.  After about 40 minutes, we decided to call it a day with the promise that we'd see more baseball this summer; maybe even an afternoon of sitting on the "Burm" as a family and having a ballpark hot dog!

Congratulations Miss M on your first College Scholarship and your excellent essay.  We know that God has big plans for your future. We are so proud of you!  By the way, Miss M has already received some college recruitment letters so guess that good news travel fast!

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