Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

After a wonderful morning of Church and lunch with the Family, our family of five decided to go to a local Botanical Garden to walk around in the beautiful spring weather (a rare treat) and take in their Lego Exhibit.  It was a perfect afternoon and while the flowers were not in full bloom and the crowd was large, we really enjoyed our time together in the sunshine.

We are fully in those days that you dream of when your children are toddlers and babies.  Those days that you can spend an entire afternoon "out and about" not worrying about diaper bags, nap time or sippy cups. Of course with a teenage boy in the family, we do have to fit in meal and snack time to keep him happy!  I love afternoons like this when our plans are fluid and there is no need to rush and there is time for the kids to just roam and P and I to walk together and chat.

The Lego Exhibit was amazing.  More than once I looked at something thinking it was a live plant or animal only to look closer and see it was a Lego creation.  Mr C got a kick out of the Lawn Mower and tried to convince me that he could handle mowing this way every week.  I don't recall him smiling that much with our own Toro.

While Miss M was off taking close up pictures for some postcards she's hoping to create, Miss A and I enjoyed the Lego Lilly pad and Fish.  We both admitted that there was no way we had the patience or talent to make such detailed creations out of Legos.  Miss A currently loves her Lego Friends Creations, but is thankful for the most part that the Soccer Field, Stage and Watercraft were easily assembled.

All in all, a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day with the family.

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