Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Season of Soccer....Still Loving It, but Keeping Options Open

Miss A has completed her fourth straight year of soccer; eight seasons.  She started playing when she turned five while she was in her red shirt year of preschool and has played each fall and spring since.  This year as a U8 player, she's adjusted to having an actual goalie in the box and some fierce competition on the field.  Unlike past seasons when our team went undefeated, we even lost a game or two this spring.  Of course, the biggest problem with the season this year was the WEATHER.  Seriously, I think the beginning of the season had more cancelled games than actual games.  Every Thursday and Saturday it rained (or snowed) no kidding.

Our Shock team has been together for two years, but things are about to change.  Third Grade is the beginning of Select Soccer and about half of our team is heading up to the more competitive league.  Miss A is not.  She has decided that while she loves Soccer, she also loves Basketball, Softball and wants to try Volleyball this Fall meaning select soccer is out, but recreational soccer is "in" for us.

I remember when Mr C was about 8 or 9 and playing both basketball and baseball, a coach at a summer baseball camp recommended that it was time to specialize in only one sport and play that sport all year long.  Mr C loved baseball, but he also loved basketball and golf.  He especially loved those teams that his friends were on allowing him to play and socialize at the same time.  We decided that for Mr C playing all the sports he wanted was the best decision for him and we think the same is true for Miss A.  She loves the sport and the competition, but she loves being with her friends just as much and trying new things.

For now we are going to keep on trying them all, there is plenty of time to specialize!

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