Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Golf Season Finally,,,

It has been an interesting spring in terms of weather; snow late in the season, rain in the midst of a drought and of course temperatures that are nearly thirty degrees below normal with winds in the double digits.  As a golf team member, the weather has been the greatest obstacle to play.  Tournaments cancelled, courses closed, and winds that made the driving range hazardous have been more the norm than the exception.

 April Tournament with a Frost Delay...

According to Mr C, this season when he's been on "his game" more than ever before they have had more photo shoots for team pictures and promotion than they have had practice rounds and tournaments.  It got to the point that you hated to watch the weather forecast because you knew if a tournament was scheduled that the weatherman would be talking about snow, rain, or unseasonable conditions.  We started to call this the "golf season that wasn't a season."  In fact, Mr C might have suggested that maybe we should move or he should be allowed to play in the fall with the girls team because they have better weather.

Last Day of April tournament was at my Parent's Course; girls had day off so we watched from the deck. Snacks for the golfers were a hit.

Thankfully, Mr C did get a few fun tournaments under his belt this year and even had the opportunity to go to the District Tournament.  I was thrilled that I got to catch up with him on a few holes and capture a few photos; the only rule was that I could not talk to him between holes and that I needed to contain my enthusiasm.  It's hard to not cheer for a guy Rocking the Red Pants, but I tried my best to golf clap and quietly cheer!

District Golf: Finally Nice Weather and Very Challenging Course

This summer, Mr C plans to continue honing his Golfing Skills and is playing in a Junior Golf Tour around the state to get a little more experience in tournament play.  Hopefully, the weather will be a little more golf friendly in the months ahead.

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