Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day of Honors

We should probably have named May 1st as " Mr C's Day of Honors."  He was honored not only at the Downtown Rotary Luncheon with the Better Business Bureau's Student Service Excellence Award, but also had Honor's Night at his school that night.  Of course, his sisters would have balked at renaming the day just for him as they think he just needs to walk into a room and someone will clap and give him a certificate.

Mr C was a Rotary Honor Roll Student in 8th Grade and thus eligible as a Sophomore for the Service Excellence Award in which the BBB gives a check for $200 to the charity of C's choice.  He chose a food bank that he and has grandparents have served at nearly once a month for the past year.  We are thrilled to think of all the food that gift will allow the food bank to purchase.  I was thrilled that I could be Mr C's date to the luncheon and watch him walk across the stage to receive the award.  Mr C didn't mind that this luncheon meant skipping out of school for a few hours and a free lunch. He did complain however that the lunch was a little skimpy and we needed to stop off for some beef jerky before returning to school! Guess at an All Boys High School he is used to more than just a chicken breast and rice for lunch!

Later that night, we went to Mr. C's high school honors night where we were amazed to find out that he had been awarded the Academic All State Award for Golf.  This is a state award given out by the Athletic Association for Schools for being both a difference maker on the team and maintaining at least a 3.8 GPA during the season.  Amazing.  It is such a blessing to watch your children excel in life and take on a challenge, push themselves, and achieve their goals.  Mr C was determined last spring that he wanted to make Varsity Golf this year and spent the better part of last summer, fall, and winter making that dream true by shear will, practice, practice and more practice.  His dream of making Varsity was achieved and his efforts to help the team were acknowledged.  It doesn't get better than this.

Probably the most amazing part of "honor's day" was that as we sat in the gym it would begin to snow outside and pile up on the roads.  It was May 1st.  Really. Snow that made the normally 15 minute ride back home into a knuckle holding drive of 30 minutes.  As we were leaving the event, the Head of School told us to drive carefully and reminded us all that at last years' event the weather outside was 90 degrees.  Gotta love our hometown; the weather is fickle.

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