Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday to my Favorite Oldest Daughter

Today is Miss M's Thirteenth Birthday.  For a birthday loving girl, it seems like this birthday has taken FOREVER to get here as if the past few months have been traveling at slow speed.  Maybe that's what has been causing us the crazy weather; slow speed days.

Miss M has always been a breath of fresh air in our family.  She's part drama queen, ballerina, and deep thinker.  If you want to know what is happening in our family or around the world, you just need to ask Miss M.  She knows.  The little girl with the crazy Blondy curls has been the young lady with crazy big dreams and even bigger heart for people.  She wears her heart on her sleeve which can be hard in the harsh world of junior high, but she's learned to guard her heart as a result and wait for God's perfect timing with life.  In a world that is trying to get girls to grow up too fast, I'm thrilled that M is just being a thirteen year old girl for awhile; that bridge between childhood and adulthood can be a slow journey and we are going to enjoy every minute.

For now, Miss M is thrilled that she is no longer the only 7th grader in all the world without a cell phone.  On Friday, we took Miss M out for an early birthday dinner at a fun Tex Mex Restaurant (wherein Miss M had a Hamburger, she has her own mind) and P had arranged for the waitress to play along with a little surprise.  P slipped our waitress the phone when she brought the bill and then C strategically dialed the number and the waitress picked it up.  She said "oh, you want the birthday girl?  here she is" and handed the phone to Miss M who was shocked.  So much fun!!

Our plans to celebrate today include M's favorite foods; Grilled out Hamburgers, New Potatoes, Fresh Green Beans and of course Birthday Cake.  Thankfully, she's a girl after her mother's heart and likes White Cake with Butter cream Frosting (aka Wedding Cake)  Of course, there will be presents too; but P and I already know that one of the sweetest presents we've ever gotten happened 13 years ago when we first laid eyes on MGB.

Happy birthday to my Favorite Older Daughter!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Mallory! Sounds like it was fun. We love Stokes too and what a fun way to get a cell phone - clever parents : ) Love, Kathleen