Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Day Fun

Today was Miss A's Field Day at school and you couldn't have asked for better weather or more excited children.  After volunteering for the events for ten years straight, I finally got the easy job of passing out Popsicles and supervising the rest and bathroom break.  Guess it helps when one of your friends is in charge of the event.  I did complain however that it was a little chilly for these old fingers to stand in shade and put my hands in a cooler of ice cubes and cut open the Popsicles.  By mid morning, I might have lost feeling in my fingers; but I will take this job over some of the more challenging parts of Field Day.

Miss A had a fabulous day.  Second grade had the morning time for Field Day meaning she barely had time to sit as her desk before it was time to go out and play tug of war, jump hurdles, run around the track and eat a Popsicle.  The school also had their annual BBQ Picnic with Grilled Hamburgers and all the sides.  Of course, our Food Snob Miss A does not eat ground meat so no Hamburger for her! She's a steak person all the way.  Thankfully, I planned ahead and had packed a picnic for Miss A and my husband and I.

There is something about Field Day at the Elementary School that just makes you feel all nostaglic and realize what a rite of passage these kind of days are in life. Miss A had just a fabulous day and the smile and her face and the sound of her giggling with her friends just makes you feel joyful.

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