Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Math Facts Mastered: Frozen Yogurt Consumed

I am not a Math person.  I live with Math People, but I don't claim to be one of them.  Miss A is a math person.  She gets math and thinks its a fun challenge to learn to do the next thing mathematically.   In second grade, you take "Time Tests" on Math Facts twice a week.  It is 100 questions in five minutes.  Serious Stuff.  The goal is for you to progress through five sets of tests in a year; addition,subtraction, multiplication, division, and finally mixed review.  Miss A's class took the test each Tuesday and Thursday and once you mastered a test with a 95% percent correct you could move on to the next test.

Five minutes is not very long and the pressure and stress to get them all right can be a little hard to handle, but Miss A was breezing right along the first few months and by January she was nearly done with all the tests with just mixed review standing in her way of total success.  In early February, she finished all the tests and was waiting to collect her prize: a trip to TCBY with the teacher.

Could there be any better treat than going out for frozen yogurt with the teacher?  Miss A's teacher smartly waits until there is a group of three that can go before arranging the trip and for Miss A's trip the date was Wednesday May 1st.  Of course, this was the day that the weather decided to "go south" and we had winter like conditions (and snow later that night), but that didn't stop a group of 2nd graders from having a blast with their teacher at TCBY.

Miss A said the Rainbow Sherbet was well worth all the effort!

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