Monday, April 15, 2013

April Snow Showers Bring?

Miss A one morning, so proud of her fancy towel wrap around her head

This morning, I was out running a few errands for the "big" Eagle Scout Ceremony this weekend and big fluffy snowflakes were falling from the sky.  Snow.  In April.  I really thought Spring was suppose to be here by now, but each day I look at the weather and tell my kids to wear long pants, sweaters and pants.  Last week, I finally put away the snow pants, hats and gloves because I couldn't stand them anymore.  I had to go get my husband's snow boots this morning as he had an appointment west of here where they were expecting 2 to 6 inches.  Miss A told me a hood on her "wintry spring coat" works better in this weather anyway.


Mr C is besides himself over the state of the golf team this season. According to him, the year he's actually playing well the weather causes four tournaments to be cancelled due to snow and last year when he barely made the JV team they played every match.  He is itching to play so bad.  Two Saturday's in the last month, he's actually played golf in about 30 degree weather and made it to the clubhouse just a bit before it started to snow.  One day, he was out on the practice green and driving range and the clubhouse manager's car was the only one in the parking lot.

Of course, I realize that come July and August we will be complaining again about the heat! We'll be begging for some cool weather and the ability to go outside without sweat rolling down our face.  I know this, but it still makes the waiting on the nice weather hard to stomach.  Miss M told me yesterday that she has never hated her winter wardrobe more than the last few weeks that she's seen glimpses of her spring clothes in the closet and had to keep them there instead of wearing them.  Can't blame the girl.

You would think that since it's been so cold and miserable that I would be all caught up on the blog, creating new scrapbook pages and have the best meal plans ever for my family.  Reality is that I've done "40 Bags in 40 Days" the abbreviated version (when you start two weeks late) yet still come up with 48 bags to give or toss away.  Pretended to be a Videographer and created a masterpiece for the Eagle Scout Ceremony of "scouting through the years" and tried to keep up with the new spring schedule of soccer, softball and golf.

I'll admit that on most days the only item still on my "to do list" is the line "update blog" and I consider that a success.  Well, I guess if I'm honest the lines that include the word; laundry, put away, fold or sort socks and underwear" tends to be uncrossed out as well, but that is normal. Right?

My goal for these final weeks of April and May is to get all caught up with blogging, laundry, scrap booking and knitting before "those" kids get out of school and I get nothing done all summer long!

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