Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday: Faith, Family and Fun

He Is Risen. His Is Risen Indeed.  Hallelujah!

Is there any better day than Easter.  No matter the weather, plans or world around you, there is nothing that beats the joy that only Easter can bring.  A Savior who not only died for my sin, a Savior who Conquered Death and Lives Again.  Amazing.

After a glorious morning of worship, we hosted my family for Easter this year.  Normally, I let the "party planning" go to my mother who not only has the gift of hosting, but who also has a larger home that can stay clean for weeks as she has no children living with her to mess it up!  Our home is far from perfect even after a day of cleaning, but the whole point of getting together with family is to spend time together.

I had big plans of making a pretty centerpiece and fancy dishes, but decided instead to make a simple Resurrection Garden, order a ham from Honey Baked, and have my sister in law bring along a few things to add to the meal. Perfect.

We had two full tables of people; a big kids table and an old people's table.  Of course, I was at the later.  My niece brought along both a boyfriend and roommate from college, Miss A brought along her need to snuggle with the cousins and grandparents, and the big kids challenged the cousins to Badminton and Golf in the yard.

Keeping the tradition alive, we even went over to my parents house to take the traditional "Stair Picture" of all the cousins; a picture that we've taken a few times over the past few years and are shocked at how these kids keep getting taller and older!

Finally to end the afternoon, Miss M and Mr C joined Papa for a round of golf where Miss M got her first par.  Who knows maybe we are going to have two golf team players in the family in the next few years!

A wonderful Easter Celebration!

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