Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watch Out, New Driver in the Family

Mr C has his Driver's License and he's not afraid to use it to get him around town. Since C had Good Friday off of school, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to go the DMV and pick up his license.  Having taken Driver's Ed over the summer, all he needed to do was turn in certificate and take an eye exam.  Of course as per a trip to DMV, we forgot his social security number at home and were panicked that we'd have to leave our great spot in line to go home.  Dad to the rescue; he found the number on some health documents at the office and was able to call us with right as our #10 was called!  Phew!

C's snazzy license would take a few weeks to come in the mail, but at least we walked out with a temporary card.  To celebrate the accomplishment, we went out to lunch, did a little shopping for some cool red golf pants for tournaments, and then Mr C went and played 18 holes of golf!  I had to drop him off as I needed the car that afternoon and Mr C admitted he was a little nervous to drive on a busy Friday afternoon.

By Monday though, he was ready to take the car out for a spin around the Neighborhood and even let Miss A tag along.  She was disappointed the trip did not include ice cream, but enjoyed sitting in the back directing him around her "neck of the woods." 

Mr C has now requested a big city map to put in his room.  He'd like to draw out routes to his favorite places.I think his highlighted spots will be the area golf courses, the baseball fields where he'll umpire this summer, and maybe if his sisters have anything to do with it a few frozen yogurt shops.  

I'm realizing that those concerns I had a first time mom with the "big moments" like walking, preschool, friends, and little league strike outs are all pretty minor in comparison to the prayers I'm offering now for him as he drives away in a car; for wisdom, safety and protection.  I'm trusting that Jesus really does have that "wheel."

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