Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Traditions Still Alive

I love how even though some of my children might be past the age of doing some of the traditional parts of Easter, they are still willing to be part of the activity so their younger sister can experience the fun just as they did.  At least I think that's why Mr C and Miss M still come to the table to work on dying Easter Eggs.  It could have something to do with the fact that it allows them to create and color like a kid.  I might also tell them that the "Easter Bunny" only delivers baskets and candy to those that play along.

The best part of this year's Easter Egg creations is that not one single egg was lost in the hard boiling process.  I baked them in the oven. Really.  No one in our family really likes eggs that much and hard boiled are not the "way" they would eat them if they chose eggs (runny and sunny or scrambled with cheese, please) so I only hard boil once a year.  On a normal Holy Saturday you will find me with four or five cracked eggs. Baking them in the oven in my muffin tin totally saved me from the cracked fiasco of the past.  
Not that a cracked egg makes that much of a difference to this crew; we dye them and then store them in the fridge for the next day's decorations and then toss them out. Not an eaten one in the bunch.  But at least they look better without big holes in them!

Sunday morning after church when the Easter Bunny had finally delivered the candy eggs in the backyard (smart bunny he doesn't do it when the dew is on the grass), Miss A asked her brother if he was too old to do the Egg Hunt this year.  His response; I like candy just like the rest of you, let's hunt!  Smart Boy!  Guess the fact that his Easter Basket was filled with a Ping Hat and some of his favorite candies spurred him on to even more.  That smart Bunny even brought Miss M the exact pair of sandals she needed for her Easter Dress and gave Miss A another set of Lego Friends!  Not too bad for an imaginary bunny that lays eggs.  

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