Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrating the Sedar Meal: What an Amazing God

On Palm Sunday, we had the opportunity to go to a traditional Seder Meal hosted by Jews for Jesus.  It was an amazing experience for our family.  The Passover is a feast that celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from Egypt and remembers how God provided them a way to escape the death of the first born son through the blood of a perfect lamb posted on their door frames.  God "passed over" those homes marked with the blood.

Sounds a lot like Easter doesn't it!  Christ, our perfect passover lamb, sacrificed on our behalf so that we can pass over from death into new life in heaven.  Taking part in the Seder Meal, it was impossible not be overwhelmed by the foreshadowing of Christ in the different parts of the meal:  the prayers, the cups of wine, the unleavened bread "broken" and shared, the bitter herbs, and the hand washing.

All the time we were partaking in the meal, we knew how perfectly Jesus fulfilled all the parts of sacrifice.  How amazing is our God!  I loved hearing the Christian Jewish Rabbi read the new testament passages about Jesus.  Loved seeing my daughters look for the "Afilkomen" the hidden part of the matzah which was the middle part of the matzah (three in one) that was broken and a piece of it hidden in the room that at the end of the meal must be rescued and a ransom paid before it is revealed.

It was like seeing the Gospel played out piece by piece in a meal.  How amazing is our God!

Leaving the Seder Meal and going home knowing that we were about to enter Holy Week and remember again the Last Supper, Jesus' Death on the Cross and the Glorious Resurrection Story of Easterp' I was in tears thanking God that he had allowed me to see the full story. To know Jesus. To have Jesus as my personal Passover Lamb.  How Amazing is our God.

I'm not sure that I can ever take Holy Communion, sit in a Good Friday service, or read the Easter Story again in the same way.  Sharing this experience with my family and seeing the seeds of faith blossom in my children is another one of God's great gifts to me.  Thank You.

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