Saturday, March 23, 2013

When the Weather Doesn't Know It's Spring Break

Last week was spring break for the girls. Our dreams of a trip to the zoo, the park and an afternoon bike ride were usurped by Old Man Winter who obviously did not get the memo that it was time to "leave."  There is something wrong with a Spring Break when you are wearing winter coats and the forecast is for snow!

Thankfully, we'd already spent our week in the sunshine (Palm Springs), so while we were hoping and praying for warm weather, we made the most of time off with inside events. Miss A had a list of things she thought we should do over break and had even incorporated all her ideas into a story she wrote for school (smart girl.)  While I'll admit we did almost all of her list, I did say no to the Pedicures only because it will still be weeks before we are wearing flip flops if this weather continues so why waste pretty toes on boots.

Now I will also confess that because the weather was so cold and dreary and I go stir crazy with two girls with no plans just hanging out in the house, I created a daily event and a daily "mom chore."  Since I'm in the midst of 40 Bags in 40 Days and started so late (that's another post!), I needed a little time each day to accomplish an area of the house.  I put the girls to work on the Art Cabinet and the Kid's Basement Area and together we accomplished Kid's drawers and the Kid's Bathroom.

On Monday, we caught an afternoon movie and then bought a fun new shower curtain and bath set for the Kid's Bathroom.  The girls had been begging for weeks to try out the new Walmart Fresh Market in town, and while it's more convenient in size, we were not overly impressed.  Of course, we did find the cutest bath stuff at Target so the girls were thrilled to get a little shopping in.

Tuesday, we went to a Children's Museum with a young friend and had lunch at Nothing But Noodles; a tradition Miss A and Mr Blake have done now for a few years. It was fun to have Miss M along to see just how much fun a younger "brother" can be.  She's a good sport.

Wednesday was Mr C's birthday so we made cookies for all the guys at school, did a little more spring cleaning, and got C's favorite meal ready for dinner.  Of course, we had to have lunch out too since we were so busy!

Thursday was Pottery Day!  Miss A had specifically requested that we try the Pottery Place again this spring break.  Since Miss M thought it was a good idea and the temps were still in the 20's, I agreed that was a better place to spend our day than the Zoo.  Plus when you get to see your girls express their creative juices, it's hard to say no!

Friday, we finally made it to the Mall.  I think the girls had given up the idea that I was going to take them shopping, but it's hard to get motivated to buy Spring Clothes when all you want to do is sit by the fireplace.  After a trip to the Christian bookstore, Old Navy and Forever 21, I was ready to crash.  I call it Malliticis, but in reality it's just that I am not a shopper. In and Out. That's my favorite way to shop.

All in all, it was a relaxing and fun Spring Break. We might not have ventured too far, but we got to stay in jammies until 10:00, read books, bake cookies, and spend time together.  I told the girls I hope that summer will be just like this, but about 40 degrees warmer.

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