Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 16th to My Favorite Son!

You know they are right.  The people who tell you it goes way too fast.  I really just blinked and that little blond haired boy who use to hold his breath until he passed out is now Sixteen years old.  Wow!

Mr C you are my favorite young man ever.  Not only are you the child that turned me into a mother, you are also the little boy who stole my heart right from the first moment I first saw you.  The little boy who use to look intently at his toys and people and try to figure them out, the boy who lined up all his matchbox cars by size and color is now the young man who understands Chemistry, Calculus and all things Golf.

I can't imagine not having you in our lives. Dad, of course, would go crazy without a boy in the house and I think God was so wise to start us new parents out with a little boy who was always so calm (unless he was very mad and then you really would pass out from holding your breath) and easy going.  You were never sick, always willing to go and do things, and oh so interested in how everything worked.  It's as if you were born an Engineer.

Your heart has always been devoted to God, family and learning.  You have your priorities in order and while I know we drive you crazy sometime, I love how you still are not too embarrassed to hang out with the family.  Now as you enter this new phrase of freedom; driving, I know that I can trust you to be safe.  My mother's heart knows that I'll be praying harder for you now when you are on the road and in other's cars.  I'm losing my front seat passenger and the fun talks we've had over the years driving to and from school and events.  Hopefully, you'll still let me take you places.

Some part of me realizes that you are almost gone from home.  Two short years is all we have left with you under our roof.  It's hard to even swallow when I say those words out loud.  But I know that God has really big things in store for your future.  I've known it since those first few hours in the hospital when I held you and you looked back at me with those huge blue eyes and penetrating look that said you were soaking it all up.  That's what I've been doing to; soaking up all these wonderful memories of the days and weeks and years I've had you in our home and family and storing them up.

Happy Birthday to my favorite Son!

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