Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will Spring Ever Come? A Lesson in Patience.

The boys returned from their California adventure very late Thursday Night (really Friday morning if you looked at the clock) and within hours Mr C was on the Golf Course.  Early Friday Morning, Mr C met a friend from school for a quick nine holes, followed by two hours at the driving range, and then another hour chipping and putting.  You might say this boy has found his passion!  Mr C's only complaint is that the grass is not very forgiving and it's very hard to get under the ball.  Guess his golf game was dependent on the fabulous weather and green grass of California.  You might say our grass here in the Midwest is still a little winter dormant.

Saturday morning started much the same with Mr C off to Golf Tec for a putting lesson followed by a couple hours on the driving range and chipping area.  By mid afternoon, Mr C was cleaning his clubs and watching the golf channel for pointers all in preparation for golf tryouts on Monday.  Mr C was getting psyched for the season and confident that all his time on the range and course in California plus his months of practice at Golf Tec were really going to pay off.

The weather forecast talked about the potential for overnight rain and snow, but we were confident they were just joking around.  Seriously, it's nearly spring much to late for snow and the temps on Saturday were in the 50's with the feel of spring.

Sunday morning (daylight savings time you kill me by the way!), we awoke a little later than normal and decided to go to late church.  Looking outside, we realized that our plans might be a little different.  Snow was falling and the streets were covered white.  Amazing.  It was like a winter wonderland outside when the day before we'd been walking around without coats.

After venturing out for church, we hunkered down for the next two days just like when the girls and I returned from California.  So just days after the boys returned, we had another snow storm and schools were cancelled on Monday.  What are the odds?  Even Mr C was off school due to fact that the school empty from spring break was now blocked in with snow drifts several feet high.  Spring Break just got extended an extra day.  Somehow that seems wrong!

How we hope we can finally say goodbye to Old Man Winter and hello to Lady Springtime!

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