Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sixteen Year Old Defying Gravity and Beyond!

It's not cool to have a Sweet Sixteen Party for a Boy.  At least that's what I hear.  In fact to have a gathering of friends and call it a birthday party is pretty uncool for a boy of this age.  So, we decided to have a "ungathering" for Mr C's birthday.  We'd get a bunch of boys together for dinner and an evening at indoor trampoline park, but not call it a birthday party.

When I called the "party place" to see if they allowed you to plan a party without using the Party Room (just get the rates and benefits without the forced party) she asked if I was planning it for a teenager.  Guess it's all the rage to uncelebrate.  Instead of a party we had a "Feel the Rush" celebration; at least that's what they call it when you reserve a block of 8 for two hours of unlimited jumping and dodge ball. They even threw in a trip to the Laser Room.

Friday evening we had six boys (a few could not make it due to spring sports) at our home eating homemade Mac & Cheese before heading off to sweat off all the calories jumping, bouncing and throwing balls at each other in dodge ball for two hours.  The smell alone at the place tells you that you are about to leave massive amounts of sweat on the floor.  At least my husband and I thought that was the cause of the "aroma" coming from most of the people walking around.

Mr C and his buddies had the best time.  P and I could watch the action from the Sky Box restaurant's short circuit TVs and the look of pure joy on all their faces made it worth it all. They were having the time of their lives!  Amazing to watch them play Dodgeball with a bunch of strangers and have so much fun.  We finished the evening with the boys in the basement playing Foosball and watching Monty Python.  We even had a Cookie Cake ready for the uncelebration  It was an item that Mr C had declared in no uncertain terms was not necessary; but somehow was easily devoured.  Guess you just have to know when they really mean no and when they are just trying to assert their independence, but still want you make a fuss over them.

In the words of our favorite sixteen year old boy, it was the best night ever!

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