Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Red Tour Top Ten List:

Late last fall when we heard rumors that Taylor Swift was coming town, we knew that tickets to the concert would be high om Miss M's list.  Two years ago, Miss M went to her first Taylor Swift concert and loved it.

In fact, the Red Album has been on constantly in our home for months and any time a Taylor Song comes on the TV, radio or ipod Miss M starts singing along.

Thankfully, Dad's office had some access to tickets for the show and we gobbled up two seats early, but kept them a secret from Miss M knowing that we wanted to make it a special event.  Now some might think that Miss M would choose me to go along for the night, but I must admit my husband is really the Fun Parent.  If the kids want a companion to a concert or sporting event they will choose Mr P.  I'm fine with that.

Below with my husband's help we've put together a Top Ten List from the Taylor Swift Concert...

1. T Shirt Line was really short.  Miss M and Dad smartly passed up three t-shirt lines near the entrance and found one right by their seats without a line at all. Score!

2.  Club Level Seating allowed Dad and Miss M to chill out and relax prior to the Show.  It also meant they could skip out of the opening acts and wait for the Main Attraction in comfy seats.

3. Seats were super close to the stage.

4. According to Miss M, Taylor Swift looked right at her.

5. New Jean Jacket and Dress to wear with Cowboy Boots for Miss M

6.  Place for Dad to wear his Justin Ropers

7.  Smile on Miss M's face far exceeded ticket price

8, Great Mix of old and new Swift songs

9.  Stage Show is Amazing; Taylor sang from a Gondola hanging from the sky.

10.  Miss M's Joy when she opened the Tickets for the Concert; we'd saved them up for a special moment and when she got her NJHS letter they were inside.  I think Miss M jumped a few inches off the ground.  Fun Surprise we will always remember.

11. As a Dad, you can sit and watch and listen to Taylor and not be concerned that her "image and message" don't jive with yours.  For a family that normally listens to KLOVE, we all agree that Taylor Swift is "mainstream music" we can enjoy!

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