Monday, March 4, 2013

Realizing the Small Gifts of Life and a Night on the Town!

Our church announced that it would be hosting its first ever Father Daughter Dinner Dance a few weeks back. As we sat down in church and Miss M and Miss A glanced over the bulletin, they gravitated to the flier that said "Duct Tape to Diamonds" and they were pumped.  Within minutes however, the joy on their face was erased when they looked at the date and realized that "Dad" would be out of town on the date of the dance. To add insult to injury, his was taking their brother with him and Papa would be gone too!

Whats' a girl to do without a date for the Father Daughter dance?  You can't really take your mother.  Thankfully, Miss M and Miss A both figured out a wonderful solution and they invited our dear neighbor who is much like a 3rd grandfather to them to join them for the night.  He accepted willingly and even offered to cover the ticket price because "a boy should always pay for the first date!"  Mr Bob was the perfect substitute for the girls and they had a fabulous time!

The only problem is that since it was a crazy busy Sunday afternoon (basketball game and party plus a campaign meeting for Mom) so I totally forgot to take the girls picture with Mr Bob.  He was early walking across the street and I'd only finished snapping a few photos and was helping Miss M and Miss A with the final touches for their hair and dresses.  Miss M did all the curling and fussing and did a fabulous job!

According to the girls, it was a fabulous night.  While they would have enjoyed having their dad their too, it was fun to take Mr Bob along as their "date" which made it a little extra special.

I love that my girls have Mr Bob and Mrs Lois in their lives.  While I'm sure the girls have spilled all our family secrets on their frequent trips over to chat, there is something extra special about having adults in your life that aren't your family yet think you hang the moon and are special just for being you!  These dear friends and neighbors are really one of life's perfect little gifts to our family and I'm so thrilled that my kids are growing up in this little community of neighbors that care for one another.

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