Monday, March 11, 2013

Boys in California; Golfing and more Golfing

For the first time ever, we took separate family vacations this year.  The "joy" of having kids in both public and private schools is that their school calendars rarely mesh.  The girls will have days off for teacher work days and holidays that Mr C's school is in session.  Meaning Mr C's Spring Break, the first of March, did not mesh with any days off for the girls so the boys took a trip to California on their own.

I'd say looking at the pictures and talking to both my parents and husband that the trip the boys took was very different than the trip the girls and I took in February.  I'd say the boys shopped a lot less, spent less time at the pool, and did not take a trip to either the Children's Museum or Living Desert.  Their trip looked a lot more like Golf, Golf and more Golf.  In other words; it was Mr C's dream vacation.

The boys arrived early on Saturday morning and by that afternoon they had not only gone to the Street Fair and out to lunch, Mr C had already found the driving range and was practicing.  Thankfully, Papa is a willing golf buddy and he and Mr C were ready for action.  My husband, a very novice golfer, did not take his clubs along and enjoyed just hanging out reading books, working from his computer and phone, and sitting in the sunshine.  Poor guy doesn't get much time to just veg out at home!

According to P, our son was thrilled to get lots of use out of his new clubs; playing two rounds and hitting the range almost every day.  Mr C even took advantage of the hole outside my folks condo and would chip and putt and play the hole over and over again at the end of each day.  Sometimes in the dark.

I think Mr C was most proud of his round with one of Papa's friends who noticed how much C's golf game had improved since September when they had played in a tournament together.  According to C, he didn't even have his Driver with him on the trip (for fear it would break in transport and he'd repeat last year's try out crisis) and he was hitting his Irons 270 yards down the fairway from the Tee-Box.

Mr C said that this trip to California and the chance to play golf everyday really got him ready for Golf Tryouts.  It was, in his mind, the best way to spend Spring Break.

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