Friday, March 15, 2013

Honors Received in Due Time

Miss M was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on Thursday Night with a ceremony and dessert reception at the Country Club.  It was a well deserved honor for a child who doesn't always get the accolades at school.  It's tough to follow in your big brother's footsteps at a school that nearly fell over backwards to honor him with everything under the sun.

When Mallory was asked to apply for membership, I think she was a little skeptical that she would get invited to join.  She has great grades, but due to her commitments with dance and confirmation, she has not really been able to participate in many "at school" activities.  However, as we filled out the form, it quickly became obvious that this girl has done a lot of service hours.

Not only has she helped with a food pantry and rang bells for the Salvation Army, she's helped with Blood Drives, Linus Blanket making, and other things through Girl Scouts and church. When M realized that as part of NJHS she'd be required to put in at least  four hours a month, she told me "that will not be a problem."

To make the invitation to join NJHS even more exciting, we put tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in the letter from the school inviting M to the ceremony.  When she opened the letter (which we'd already read), she nearly flipped out, jumping in the air, and screaming.  At first, I think she thought that the tickets were from the school and then she realized that we must have given the tickets to her.  Tricky parents!

The Induction Ceremony was a special evening for Miss M and my husband and I.  We were thrilled to see the huge smile on M's face when they called her name ND gave her the certificate and pin for NJHS.  A well deserved honor for a special young lady.

We are so proud of Miss M and how hard she works to maintain her excellent grades, but even more how willing she is to share and give to others.  Her compassionate heart and empathy for others is so sweet.  We are confident that God has big things in store for Miss M and that this award and accomplishment are just another step on the path.

Way to Go Miss M.  We love you!

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