Saturday, March 16, 2013

Photographic Evidence that It's Not All Golf

Looking over my husband's photos from the "boys' trip to Palm Springs," I was pleasantly surprised to see that more than just golfing had transpired on the trip.  One of the boys' old passions is Airplanes.  As a young boy, Mr C could look at a photo or a model of any airplane and tell you the make and model.  It was a little spooky how he'd know about WWII planes and current Air Force Planes without much prompting.

Years ago, we'd gone to the WWII Air Museum in Palm Springs.  Mr P and Mr C walked around for hours amazed at not only the planes, but the museum guides who were former pilots who had actually flown the planes during the war.  I knew my husband really wanted to go back to the Museum on this trip and I was worried that Mr C, now much more focused on golf than flight, might balk.  Teenager that he is.

Mr C thought it would be fun to go back and the boys spent a few hours walking again amidst the planes.  According to Mr P, his son even corrected him on the make of one of the planes, knowing it was a F-18 instead of a F-16.  Guess he hasn't forgotten.  Mr C that is.

The boys also enjoyed some great Mexican Food (my husband's love language) and a morning of tennis.  Mr. P won the match, just for the record.  Guess my husband is a better Tennis Player than Mr C still, which means he'll be challenging him to many more matches on the court than he will on the golf course.  Thankfully, Papa is still beating Mr C on the golf course or I'm not sure we could stand the swelled head. Just kidding. Kinda.

All in all the boys had a great time in the California Desert and both left a little more rested, a lot tanner, and with some stories to tell from the golf course to the tennis court.  I'm thinking that the memories of their week in the sun with Nana and Papa will last them until Spring finally comes to these parts and beyond.

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