Monday, July 11, 2011

There's Something About a Small Town Festival

We live in an average sized town; not too big, but not too small.  Within a few miles, you can shop any big box store you want, dine at any number of chain or hometown restaurants, and we have plenty of fun activities to keep you busy.  Really, beside Chick Fil a we have it all.

However, sometimes you have to go to a real small town to taste a bit of America.  Nothing is better for feeling nostalgia and pride than a small town festival.  Thankfully, the Lake is in a small town and they know how to put on a town festival complete with a Pie Parlor, Guinness Book of World Record attempt, children's festival, and antique auto show.  

This weekend was the annual event and, even though the weather made me think we'd moved to Texas (hot, very hot and humid), we took in a few of the events for fun.  The girls and I had a fun morning at the Children's Festival complete with carnival games, face painting and free snow cones.  In Miss A's mind, it was perfect.  The fact that they gave out candy to winners at the carnival games made it even better.  Miss M is a little too good at Spinning the Wheel and won three huge Nerds Ropes.  Let's just say she's not going Vegas anytime soon.

Of course, the boys were checking out the Antique Auto Show and dreaming over what kind of hot rod they would drive if they could.  After lunch, we checked out "world's largest open face sandwich" made with Spam.  That's a delicacy I'm not sure I understand, the smell alone was a little too much for me.  According to the kids, it looked disgusting!

Finally, before we headed back to the Lake, we made a detour to the Control Line Model Aviation show.  The boys have dabbled in model aviation, but have not really tried this type of flying before.  Mr C and P were thrilled when they were offered a moment in the "ring" and each of them got a chance to fly the plane.

Small town fun. We topped off our day with a few jumps in the lake, a boat ride, and of course S'mores. What an All American Day.

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