Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Chapter for this Boating Family

When Mr. C was a baby, we used to take him out on Boat Rides around the Lake and we could guarantee that before we got back home he would be fast asleep.  I'm not sure if he ever made it around the lake awake the entire time until he was almost three. The sound of the motor, the crashing of the waves against the boat, and ultimate ride on Nana's lap was just too much.

Miss M and Miss A were much the same.  The would fight it and try with all their might to keep awake the entire time, but it was too much.  Sleep.  There must be something to said for the trust that little children have for those that love them, that even when they are wearing huge life jackets, speeding across waves, and unable to swim or save themselves that they can just close their eyes and go to sleep.

Those days are long gone.  Now these same kids are asking dad to go faster, begging Uncle S for trips around the lake on the tube, and pleading for trips to Marina for candy or ice cream.  They love the boat, but now they realize that it gives them something back; thrill, joy, trips to Sand Mountain and Sandy Bottoms, and if they are lucky a few sugar highs each weekend too. 

This Spring Mr. C took a six hour " Boat Safety Course" that trained him to drive the boat. At fourteen, he is legally able to drive the boat as long as an adult is in the boat, and he has the certificate to prove he's completed the safety course.  He came out of that afternoon with a lot of knowledge and an eagerness to show off his skills.

With the Holiday weekend winding down on Monday afternoon (after many firework shows, lots of boat traffic and parties all weekend), Dad decided it was a perfect time for Mr. C to take the family out for a ride.  He's good and I'm not biased.  He knows the rules and applies them, he's focused on safety, and knows his limits.  When he docked at the Marina (his sisters' were thrilled), he was slow and steady.  His lap around the lake was peaceful and calm with no big waves overtaking him.

He even knew his limit.  At six o clock on Monday night, the wave runners and tubers were back out in force so he suggested that Dad take us home.  There was too much traffic and commotion on the lake for him.  It was a wise decision as a boat pulling a tube almost side swiped us a few minutes later.  My husband was rattled by that and he's an experienced boater.

Time has really flown since July 4th 1997 when a wee little boy took his first lap around the lake in an old pontoon boat and barely kept his eyes open as we left the cove.  Now, he's a growing young man with eyes wide open and enjoying the ride.  I wouldn't want it any other way!

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