Monday, July 25, 2011

Beginning of Girls Week

My husband is already feeling a little outnumbered and it's only been a day.  Mr C left for a week of church camp in the Colorado Mountains leaving P back at home with just the girls.  He thinks we are a little too chatty, giggly and much too worried about what we wear.  Sunday morning when we left for church with a picnic basket packed for a trip to the Zoo along with spare clothes for the experience, I think he thought we were nuts.

Church was contemporary and casual so P just wore shorts while the girls and I changed from our church appropriate skirts and nice shoes to shorts and flip flops.  Girls. Of course, if we'd left the boy in charge, we wouldn't have had a lunch packed, so he should just be thankful we over plan.

Rumor had it that it would be a cool afternoon and a nice change from the 100's of the week so the Zoo seemed like a perfect idea. The weatherman lied.  Shocking, I know. However, we obviously weren't the only people to buy the lie as the zoo was packed. Thankfully, P was able to talk the girls out of the petting zoo in the heat, but he did make us climb Pachyderm Hill (the furthest place in the zoo, far far away) just to see the Rhino.  Boys!

I've never been more grateful that we have so many indoor exhibits at the zoo as I was Sunday.  Even if my glasses did fog up coming in and out, at least I was able to cool off.  The best part of the trip of course was the IMAX movie "Born to Be Wild" about the elephants (which we didn't see at Pachyderm hill, since there aren't any anymore) and orangutans orphaned in Borneo.

It was a stellar movie, beautiful, touching, adorable and heart tugging. Plus, it was air conditioning and 3D on a huge IMAX screen.  Miss A loved the 3D glasses and couldn't believe how it "even starts out as 3D, wow!"  Miss M not as easily swayed by red plastic glasses has decided that she might just movie to Asia to help with the orphan orangutans; she's always wanted one as a pet.

I'd say the beginning of girls week was a success.  Hot, sticky, and exhausting none the less, it was perfect.  The fun as they say, has only begun!!  Don't tell Mr C.

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