Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabulous Fourth Festivities

We just got back from a wonderful getaway to the Lake to celebrate 4th of July.  We had a great time with our friends and family soaking up the sunshine, splashing in the cool water, and dancing on the sand to the sounds of summer tunes.  Perfection!

We made this into our Staycation too by taking a couple of extra days and, after a busy June, it was just what we needed to relax, refresh, and just jump into the rest of summer.  Miss A said there is "nothing like this in America."  Now considering she's never really been outside of the Midwest (except for CA), she might not be the best judge of this, but the sentiment could not be anymore true.

Lake friends were remade instantly with the "boys" jumping into contests with splashes, jumps, football catching and "slap ball" contests that might have made Nana a little nervous that there would be injuries, but made for very happy boys.  The girls were floating around sharing laughs and secrets.  There were nail parties and dancing contests.  When the neighbors DJ asked if there were any requests for songs on Saturday night, I think the girls were in seventh heaven. 

The "little kids," who are more and more becoming equal to the big kids, have become not only great swimmers and jumpers, but also expert Checkers and Sorry players.  At one point Miss A and Mr. N were in one of the bedrooms with the door closed playing checkers in the loft and my husband pointed out that I never would have allowed "closed doors among opposite sexes" with the other children.  I said it was true, but I know both Mr. N and Miss A are thrilled to have any privacy.  Youngest children need it once in awhile.

There is just something about the Lake house that binds our family together, not just with our immediate unit, but the cousins, the adults and the neighbors.  It's almost like it transports us back into time and gives us a glimpse of the simple life with no cell phones, no computers, no distractions.  Just family. Just Fun!

I've even mentioned to my sister in law that when she sweeps the sand off the sidewalk down by the dock it reminds of the woman in the sod house decades ago who kept trying to keep the "dust" down in her home.  It was a never ending task, but she didn't mind because it showed her family how much she cared for them.

Happy Independence Day America. What a blessing it is to call this Land My Home. God Bless America.

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