Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farmers Market a Perfect Recipe for a Summer Saturday

Our garden plot is coming along.  We've enjoyed some zucchinis and cucumbers but as of yet, no red tomatoes.  However, we have faith that this hot weather will be producing an abundant harvest soon, at least that's what I've told my trusted garden helpers.  Mr C is already dreaming of BLT sandwiches!

We do not have pickling cucumbers planted this year so off we to the Farmer's Market to get our July fix of those small little green babies.  I'm not sure if the kids like going to the market for the fresh produce, the free samples, or the people watching, but I think the homemade Root Beer might be a key reason.

Saturday was perfect for strolling among the booths and dreaming of making salsa, pickles and grilling up some sweet corn.  Mr C wasn't so thrilled when I made him carry the heavy bag with new potatoes, but he likes to eat so he was willing.  Miss A and Miss M's hands were already full with balloon animals and we didn't want "them" to get hurt.

I put the pickling cucumbers to use immediately and, with my husbands expert chopping skills, we now have both fridge pickles and bread and butter pickles stashed in the fridge.  I have the feeling I'll be needing to restock soon; they are yummy.

Of course, when you are already downtown in the big city, you might as take in the sights and enjoy lunch out. Maybe that's only what I told my husband so I wouldn't have to cook.  We did stand in amazement at the mighty river that's overflowing it's banks. Wow. 

I've never seen the river with actual rapids, but I'm sure that's what I saw.  It's fast and furious and does not care what's in it's way.  Looking at the pictures, you can see the big patio umbrellas that used to be in the middle of the riverwalk, but now are actually part of the river.  Miss A thinks that we shouldn't plan on taking a walk there anytime soon.  Miss M just hopes they remembered to empty the trashcans along the way or they might get stinky before the river retreats.

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