Friday, July 8, 2011

Staycation: Splash Time

When you've spent four days hanging out in the water at the Lake, what do you do on the final day of your Staycation?  Go to the Splash Pool of course!  Around these parts, summertime weather is short lived so you "make hay while the sun shines" at least that's what I told my waterlogged family.  In reality, I know that Mr C is outgrowing this outing and I wanted Miss A and Miss M to have one final trip there with the whole family. 

Top Five Things I Love About Splash Station
  1. Watching Miss A go across the water obstacle course.  It's amazing to see how much upper body strength she has.  She made it all the way across, and gave me a double thumbs up to celebrate.  Gotta love this sporty girl.
  2. Miss M loves water slides.  Her face as she comes down is priceless.  If I were a great photographer I would have a photo of it, but I'll never forget the look, it's seared in my mind.
  3. Mr. C will do anything for food, and splash station thankfully has cheap food.  While everyone else had one snack, the pictures don't show C's second snack when the girls were off with Dad swimming.  Yep, a purple snow cone cup bought me an extra hour at the pool without complaints.
  4. I went down the water slide and survived.  I love to swim, but I'll admit I can't see anything without my glasses on ; I'm blind (not really, but its a blurry world) so I don't normally get submerged.  The blessing of no sight going down the water slide, I can't get scared.
  5. Everyone left happy, tired and ready for dry land.  We had a wonderful afternoon at the splash pool and made it back to our house just minutes before a big storm blew through. 
I think next summer the girls and I will plan on meeting some friends at the Splash Pool and we'll plan another excursion during our staycation at the Lake; I'm thinking of checking out some fossil beds nearby.  Isn't digging in dirt the way to a boy's heart?

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