Friday, July 22, 2011

Plan B Isn't So Bad But Sometimes C and D Are Even Better!

We had big plans yesterday.  Friends were lined up for both Miss M and Mr C to bring to the lake for a day in the sun and sand.  Dad was even planning on skipping out from work early to drive the boat.  Thursday was suppose to be a stellar day.  After days of heat in the 100's, it was going to be just 88 and sunny.  Best laid plans.

When I woke up around five a.m. to the sound of thunder and rain, I started to get a little nervous.  I knew that there were three kids still asleep and dreaming of their day with friends.  I began to formulate another plan; an inside plan, while still holding out hope that this would be a passing shower and our lake plan would hold.

By nine o'clock, when the sky was still dark and the radar looked ominous, I began to think that Plan B was looking brighter than Plan A.  Now I just had kids to convince.  Thankfully, they have my father's and their father's blood running threw their veins (weather channel junkies) and when we watched "local on the 8's," it was really an easy call. 

Who wants to go to the lake and sit inside.  Who wants dad to waste a day off and not take us out on the boat.  Not us!

Plan B meant we would go Bowling.  However, a few hours later when the we got to the bowling alley, that plan fell apart.  No public bowling from 12 to 3 due to day cares taking all the lanes.  Bummer.

Plan C quickly came together; the boys ( Mr C and his friend C) would go to our gym and "hang" out playing basketball, tennis, ping pong and of course see who could bench more.  According to Mr C, his buddy is the hulk and can bench 300 pounds.  Don't even ask about his lower body strength, it's outstanding.  A perfect day for boys full of sweat, competition and fun.

The girls ( Miss A and M and M's friend) would go to the Pottery Place and be creative.  The older girls decided to make Ice Cream Cone Jewelry Boxes; one in purple with blue spots and the other blue with purple spots.  Adorable. 

Miss A wanted a mug,  When she saw the one with the green shamrock, she loved that it had a flower on it.  When I told her that Dad's birthday is St Patrick's Day, she thought it was extra special.  She's becoming a real artsy girl like her sister and was very focused on the task of painting.

All in all it was a great Plan C day.  After a great dinner of steaks on the grill, we even made a trip to Red Mango for desert.  Really can it get better than a full day of fun, yummy treats, and a sleepover?  I think not.  Gotta love summer even when plans are crushed.

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