Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jumpin' In: Bible Study Group at the Lake

What a fabulous day! That's the phrase I heard no less than four times on my drive home Monday afternoon.

Monday was the annual Mom's Bible Study lake party.  It is one of my kids all time favorite days of summer.  I can't even tell you how much my kids look forward to this crazy day in the sun.  Even though they know no one will be there before noon/twelve thirty, they were ready to leave at 9 a.m. just to make sure we weren't late.

Over the past eight years, this group has evolved.  What used to be dominated by Mr. C's group of friends and their mothers is now made up of a multi aged-different stages of motherhood group of ladies and I love it.  Those core members who have been a part from the beginning have been so welcoming to the new crew and the kids just mesh regardless of the fact that we range in age from 3 years to high school with one even in college.

While we missed a few families due to "summer madness and schedules," it was  a perfect day to just sit by the water and watch our kids soak up summer fun. 

Everyone found their own little niche and there were groups on the sand making creations, paddle boat riders touring the cove, floaters who found the water the best place to beat the heat, and of course there were moments of complete chaos when little girls tried to push big boys into the water, cousins tried to prove who was stronger, and girls who found water as the perfect place to play.

I loved watching my kids (and thus the other kids too) just having an great old fashioned day at the beach.  Everyone went home having "spent" their wad of fun for the day, a little bit sunburned, a little exhausted, and a lot happy.

My favorite moments from my own kids:

Mr C was invited on a play date to his new friend J's house; even though he's all of three I think Mr. C is contemplating how to make him happy.  When C told his dad about J's invitation, dad called it a babysitting opportunity

Miss A has a group of girls to hang with playing on the shore and in the sand. She and Miss K and Miss E had a blast jumping in and even trying to push the big boys off the dock.

Miss M took on the role of hostess to the little kids and enjoyed catching frogs with the boys.  She about scared the pants off her mother and a few others when the frogs she caught thought it was fun to try jumping out of their safe location in the sand bucket.  Yuck.  She too has a new playmate in Mr. J and is trying to work it out for she and Mr C to go "babysit" and she's willing to let C be in charge!

I think I understand why this is one of my kids' all time favorite summer events.  Its a real blast for the Mom too.

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Dad said...

Mr. C,

I love the picture mom included of you making your new friend comfortable in the water. I can see why he wanted to invite you home for a playdate.

Proud of you!