Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Early Birthday Party: Just the Beginning

Miss A's birthday is two weeks away.  I know this because she's counting down.  Let's just say she loves a time to celebrate and if she's the honored guest even better. 

While we were on vacation last week, Bestemor planned an early birthday party for Miss A including cake with pink frosting (her favorite), pizza, and of course presents. It's a joy to get to celebrate birthdays, but when it's with out of town family it's a real treat. 

Miss A was spoiled with a new fleece robe, a fun window painting kit, and even a little spending money for Miss A to pick out her own little special something at the mall.

I think this soon to be seven year old is really blessed!  I have the feeling she's going to love celebrating her birthday a few more times this summer.  Can you really blame her?  Nope.

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